Vermont Open Studio Weekend,
May 26th and 27th, 2018

A Focus on Clay in the Capitol Region

Each year, the Vermont Crafts Council organizes two weekends for studio artists and craftspeople to open their doors to the public. Here in Washington County, we’re lucky to have a thriving ceramics community of established and emerging artisans. Open Studio Weekend provides clay enthusiasts with the chance to appreciate the diversity of work being made in the capitol region, meet the makers that fuel the next generation of Vermont’s studio clay movement and see a range of techniques, firing methods and studio set-ups. 

Clay enthusiasts and students can use the following list of studios to plan themselves an open studio tour ranging from one-person studios to small-scale production facilities to bustling downtown art centers. Check out new and emerging artists and revisit old favorites. All locations are working studios within an hour's drive of the Barre/Montpelier region and are official participants in the Vermont Crafts Council’s 2018 Open Studio Weekend.

For detailed directions or to seek out other craft mediums during your Open Studio tour, visit the Craft Council's website, refer to their online map or pick up a map at any of the state craft centers. Most studios are open 10-5 on both days. Please refer to the VCC Open Studio map for helpful hints at finding studios nestled in more rural areas and keep your eyes out for the yellow signs!

If you are between Studio Place Arts and Chittenden County,  your route can easily include the following clay studios: Studio Place Arts, Delia Robinson, The Mud Studio, Jeremy Ayres, Meinhardt Designs and The Starbird Pottery

If you are between Studio Place Arts and Orange County, you can tour
Studio Place Arts, Romulus Craft, Frog Song Designs, Naught Hill Pottery and Two Potters

If you are between Studio Place Arts and Addison County, you can tour
Studio Place Arts, Delia Robinson, The Mud Studio, Noel Bailey Ceramics, Robert Compton Pottery and Luke Iannuzzi Pottery

If you are between Studio Place Arts and Lamoille, Caldeonia or Orleans Counties, you can tour
Studio Place Arts, L. Koehler Pottery, Flint Brook Pottery, Jennifer Ranz and Mill Village Pottery


Studio Descriptions & Maps

Studio Place Arts
Barre, VT

Studio Place Arts houses 12 resident artist studios, 3 floors of exhibition space and a classroom space for teaching artists of all ages and abilities. SPA is a bustling community art center, in the middle of Barre's historic downtown. There are currently three working ceramics studios at Studio Place Arts.

Pamela Wilson: I make contemporary wheel-thrown porcelain, high & low temperature atmospheric-fired stoneware, porcelain jewelry, and design/make handwoven linens, wall pieces and wearables. 

Georgia Landau: Georgia makes figurative, fanciful sculpture for the home and garden. She was recently featured in Rob Hunter's documentaries about the Frog Hollow Artisans and was one of the founders of the Artisan's Hand in Montpelier. 

Rob Donnelly: Rob Donnelly makes clay illustration and sculpture which he then animates for use in commercial design or film. If you've never considered how the computer might be integrated into clay work, or how clay could also be a form of illustration, visit his space on the third floor of SPA. 

Other SPA open studios include: Karen Henderson (handwoven fibers,) Matthew Monk (painting,) Hannah Morris (fiber, installation and painted collage,) Maggie Neale (handwovens, dyed/painted silk and painting,) Leslie Roth (free-form knitted sculpture,) Anne Sarcka (painting,) Athena Petra Tasiopoulos (stitched fabric collage and painting,) and Janet Van Fleet (sculpture and mixed media.)

For families attending Open Studio Weekend, SPA welcomes children. The building is fully accessible, has public bathrooms, is within two blocks of a coffee shop, a playground, a public library, a creamee window and multiple eateries. Please note, we will open at noon on Sunday the 27th. 

Delia Robinson
Montpelier, VT

Delia makes sculptural clay whistles and ocarinas. Some of these instruments recall the sweetness of childhood and celebration, other are complex and totemic. In addition to her clay work, Delia is a painter, writer and illustrator. Her recent work includes a graphic novel about the intergenerational impact of Triangle Shirtwaist Fire. 

The Mud Studio
Middlesex, VT

Featuring the work of owner Michael Sullivan and over a dozen member potters, The Mud Studio is where scores of Washington County residents have had their first taste of wheel-throwing and hand-building. This is a bustling studio where students and teachers work side by side. It's also situated by Red Hen Bakery, Nutty Steph's and several other small-scale makers and foodie destinations. 

Jeremy Ayers
Waterbury, VT

Visit Jeremy's studio for a window into the life of a full-time production potter. His clean, utilitarian designs are carried at galleries and shops throughout the US. Jeremy represents one of the new and emerging artists keeping alive the tradition of Vermont Studio crafts. A father of two children who are also growing up in the studio, it's also a friendly place for families to drop by this weekend. 

Meinhardt Designs, Inc
Jean Meinhardt
Richmond, VT

Jean is one of the potters in our area who has perfected the use of iridescent glazes for tableware. Her elegant shapes and sumptuous surfaces are available in galleries throughout the US. She utilized her training as a production potter to design her line of elegant, feather-light shapes that are masterfully thrown and catch light beautifully. 

The Starbird Pottery
Julie Keller
Jericho, VT

Julie focuses on functional, utilitarian stoneware for everyday use, including lamps and tableware in traditional New England shapes. 

Romulus Craft
Ikuzi Teraki and Jeanne Bisson
Washington, VT

Ikuzi and Jeanne make stunning high-fire porcelain tableware of the highest caliber on their land in Washington, VT. In addition to an efficient, ergonomic and environmentally sensitive studio, they have built a breath-taking showroom to display their work. This couple open their doors to the public only twice a year and this studio is a *must see* for clay collectors or intermediate ceramics or design students passionate about Vermont Studio Crafts movement. I once showed up late for my own Open Studio, because I couldn't resist visiting these lovely folks. 

Two Potters
Becca and Nathan Webb
Bethel, VT

Becca and Nathan Webb are another notable Vermont ceramics couple, building their studio and raising their family in Bethel. The couple have recently completed their own wood kiln, which they fire a few times a year. The kiln itself is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship and reflects a deep knowledge of atmospheric firing, along with beautiful landscape design and stonework. 

Naught Hill Pottery
Grace Pejouhy and Evan Williams
Bethel, VT

Bethel offers several opportunities to see how Vermont potters have taken on the challenge of building wood-fired kilns in an environment that's timber-rich, but only offers a few months of weather amenable for outdoor or multi-day firings. Grace and Evan have each built multiple wood kilns and currently run a small family farm and pottery studio focused on wood-firing. 

Frog Song Designs
Andrea Trzaskos
Bethel, VT

Andrea hand-builds builds graceful shapes inspired by nature. Her lightly-carved, painterly surfaces feature birds, flowers and images inspired by her other life as a gardener. In addition to functional and sculptural work, she also makes tiles for use around the home. 

Noel Bailey Ceramics
Waitsfield, VT

Although they appear delicate, Noel Bailey's elegant porcelain forms are designed for use. His surface design is based on creamy white glazes with bursts of peach, pale celadons and dark oxides at the bases and transition points. His wheel thrown and altered drinking vessels and nesting shapes are particularly lovely and were highlighted by Ceramics Monthly last year. 

Robert Compton Pottery
Bristol, VT

Robert Compton has been building the studios, kilns and display spaces at spaces at his home in Bristol since 1973. If you're curious about firing methods, Robert works within low-fire Raku, smoke and pit-firing methods, as well as gas, electric, soda and wood firing. His Noborigama is big enough to hold 1500 pieces and is fired once a year. Robert is one of the studio potters in Vermont who (in addition to making work for decades) has contributed to the body of literature about contemporary studio practice here in the US. Several common firing practices and glazes in our region can be traced back to his studio. (His terra sig recipe is my go to!) His wife is also a weaver and fiber-lovers can enjoy her handwovens during your visit. 

Luke Ianuzzi Pottery
Warren, VT

You may have passed the sign on your way to the Mad River region that read "The Naked Potter." Luke Ianuzzi may be doing business under a more modest name these days, but his sagar-fired, naked Raku and smoky, celestial burnished clay bodies continue to draw in collectors. 

L. Koehler Pottery
Leslie Koehler
Plainfield, VT

Leslie works primarily in Majolica, a brightly-colored surface design technique traditionally applied to low-fire terracotta clays. Majolica techniques appear across multiple world cultures--in Persian architectural tiles, Italian renaissance ceramic sculpture and French Palissy ware. Leslie uses the technique to adorn her generous tableware with images from the natural world around her and custom ceremonial or wedding motifs. 

Flint Brook Pottery
Deborah Van Ness
Worcester, VT

Deborah's surface designs have evolved to include delicious, whimsical slip decorated surfaces. Her shapes are pleasingly plump and make the most of the contrast between areas of bare clay and colorful, stained slips. In addition to tableware, she also makes bold, graphic wall clocks and clock faces. 

Greensboro Barn & Gallery
Jennifer Ranz
Greensboro, VT

Jennifer makes a life for herself on a diversified piece of land that is farm, events space, gallery and pottery studio. 

Mill Village Pottery
Lynn Flory
Craftsbury Common, VT

Lynn Flory's stoneware is designed for use, with efficient, sturdy shapes and patterened surfaces. Her current work includes creating ceramic steam-pot casseroles based on a traditional design from the Yunnan Province. 

For the full range of Open Studio Events, please visit the Vermont Craft Council's website. The studios listed on this page represent official participants in the Craft Council's 2018 Spring Open Studio Weekend. If you are interested in participating in their Fall 2018 Open Studio Weekend, please contact them directly!