I learned to throw pots at twelve, began teaching ceramics as a teenager and have been making work ever since. I studied ceramics at Bennington College under Barry Bartlett, Kim Dickey, Mia Fetterman and Bruce Winn. Since the late 90's, my work has centered on thrown and slip cast porcelain. I am also a second generation fiber artist, focusing primarily on art quilts and handwoven pieces. I learned to quilt from my mother and began learning about handwoven textiles in my twenties, working for weaver and designer Adrienne Nicholiasen.  I exhibit nationally and my work is currently available at several New England galleries.

I am a strong believer in community art centers and intentionally site my studios in downtowns and business districts, to provide residents and customers with an opportunity to engage, either through classes, exhibitions or chance encounters with a working crafts studio. If you are interested in stocking my ceramic or fiber work, please me in touch. I have worked as a studio artist in cooperative studios at the Mendocino Arts Center in Mendocino, CA, Firehouse Studios (later Moxie Dada Gallery) in Pittsburgh, PA, Montpelier Mud in Middlesex, VT and currently in Barre, VT at Studio Place Arts. I share a studio with sculptor Georgia Landau, where I work, teach and lead expressive arts groups. I am currently available to mentor intermediate and advanced ceramics students or to consult on wheel skills or studio development. 

If you are interested in exhibiting or stocking my work, collaborating on a community arts project or learning more about my teaching/speaking schedule, please be in touch. 

In addition to my studio work, I have a small psychotherapy practice incorporating expressive arts therapy for individuals, couples and families. For information on expressive arts therapy, click here